Coaching Services

How It Works

Contact Coach Madden at: He will respond within 24 hours and review your needs and/or goals. Coach Madden will contact you to discuss an appropriate individual or group plan that will include both short-term and long-term goals. Following this session, he will set-up a system to ensure are communicating and connecting on a regular basis remains a top priority.

What Events Do You Coach?

Coach Madden has a wide range of experience working with children, young adults, adults, and seniors.  His vast background gives him credibility in triathlons, ranging from sprint events to three-day stage races.  He has coached athletes and clients in running events ranging from 5k to 100 mile running.  He served for numerous years he served as a swimming coach working with novice to athletes who qualified for Junior Nationals.  He has biked in numerous 100 mile bike rides throughout California and knows top-notch bikers in Southern California.  Additionally, he lived in Big Bear Lake, California for five years and raced in Colorado at elevations above 10,000 feet, which is an asset for people who need a training program for an event at a higher elevation.

Coach Madden has developed a reputation for maximizing the mental aspect of training and racing with his athletes and during his competitive events.  He will share life-long lessons he has learned and provide you with techniques and strategies to always “finish strong.”
Another added resource is to bring in Coach Madden for a multi-sport camp or clinic or have him give a keynote message in a corporate setting to inspire individual to “commit not to quit” and set “big hairy audacious goals” to enhance their hope, self-worth, and engagement. His background as a science teacher, physical educator, principal, and Superintendent of Schools gave him multiple opportunities to tell a story and get people motivated to stay on course in their professional and personal life.

What you get

Coach Madden is a passionate professional who loves to develop the capacity of people. He has developed a top-notch reputation as a coach and as a triathlon. He will demonstrate the importance of an artistic approach to coaching merged with the latest technology to implement a scientific approach to all of the variables that will impact performance. With Coach Madden you will be getting a friend, mentor, guide, coach, and someone who will be there, especially during the tough times. He has faced adversity throughout his life and is learned invaluable lessons relative to bouncing back and achieving excellence.

Coach Madden is still competing at a very high level in the sport of triathlon. On a daily basis he is experimenting with new training and racing protocols to improve his performance. He knows about the commitment a person needs to attain goals and is reflective following his performance through an “after action review” to make necessary adjustments to future competitions. He will also provide his lesson learned relative to racing in ultra-distances to prevent injuries, avoid extreme fatigue, and prevent an imbalance in life that can have a negative impact on the athlete, family, personal health, and work-related situations.

Each athlete and client will get a customized yet individual program based on needs, strengths, and areas of need. He will arrange a “user friendly” approach for checking in. Each athlete and client will also have the option of video analysis to improve multi-sport techniques in swimming, biking, and running.

Each plan will also incorporate the TriDot‘s training system. TriDot’s training system takes into account your individual goals, schedule, and recovery needs. By incorporating TriDot into your training plans, you can optimize your training for maximum results in less time and perform at your best in any conditions. Learn More about here or sign up for a free trial here.

Coach Madden has a passion for optimal nutrition. He will share his knowledge, expertise, and for proper nutrition and mental preparation for the greatest life you can imagine . He can provide guidelines and resources to help you see improvements in these areas.


Coach Madden’s services vary from an hourly rate of $150.00 to a daily rate (price depends upon length of day and specific needs). Each athlete and/or client will also be given a monthly rate for services that are needed. Calendar permitting, he will make himself available to attend a specific race at agreed upon price to actually see an athlete perform in a competitive situation. More importantly, Coach Madden recommends that each athlete and/or individual understand the importance of a commitment of at least 9 – 12 months to reach and/or exceed their goals rather than looking for short-term changes and/or success.

Swimming clinics and sport specific clinics are another great option.  Swim clinics and/or swimming stroke analysis can be done either in person or virtually at $150.00 per hour.