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The Importance of a Good Swim

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Throughout the years, I continue to reflect on the quote: “The most important step in any journey is the first step.” A triathlon is very similar, and depending upon the swimming ability of a triathlete, the first step of the swim can be exciting and something to look forward to. Or it can be the phase of the event that you dread, dislike, and find most unpleasant. (That’s not a great way to start the day.)

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Can A Triathlon Coach Add Value?

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Have you thought about getting a triathlon coach? Some triathletes prefer to design their own training programs and stay in a routine, while other triathletes are looking for someone they can trust, someone who can guide them, and someone who can serve as a sounding board while keeping them accountable and on course.

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Recommended Reading List

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  • Born to Run, Christopher McDougall
  • Gold in the Water, P.H. Mullen
  • Run or Die, Kilian Jornet
  • I’m Here to Win, Chris McCormack
  • Never a Bad Day, Bob Babbitt
  • Stronger, Jeff Bauman
  • Running on Empty, Marshall Ulrich
  • Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand
  • Eat and Run, Scott Jurek
  • As the Crow Flies, Craig Alexander
  • Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger